Few Truths That You Must Know About People Who Date Transsexual Escorts

The word ‘Transsexual’ can often make people judgmental and the thoughts of prostitution or porn and perversion come in their mind naturally.

For a wife of any average blue-collared male, if he is found to be with transgender women she will consider him in the company of drug-addicted and filthy pole smokers.

Most of the Trans is usually defined as “tranny” or “shemale” on the website. You will find their mention mostly on porn sites or any website related to the transgender community.

However, people of this community often feel offended because of such an impression about them in society. Most of the male community gets attracted to them just because of their special attributes so far as their sexuality is concerned.

Many psychologists often call the men who are interested in these trans-women or “feminized men” as “gynandromorphophilia”. That is because these are the group of people who get attracted to such people who have got both males as well as female characteristics.

Typically, the sexual interests of such gynandromorphophiles can be both male-to-female transgenders or male crossdressers.

Usually, men who have got this type of interest are often termed also as gay, which is also not too far from the truth. However, researchers have found that 73% of those men who had a sexual encounter with such transsexuals are either straight or bisexuals.

Therefore, most of the escort agencies identify such men as straight with little inclination towards gay.

How these gynandromorphophiles men are different from any normal men? In fact, very few researches have been conducted to find the differences between them.

However, these people feel something deep exotic about transsexual people who have got both masculinity as well as femininity.

The following are a few comments that many people made for those men who prefer sexual experience with both male and also female transgenders.

  • Gynandromorphophilia is a fetish, which occurs with people who have got certain erotic desires like BDSM at a certain frequency.
  • Few men think that it can be worse if they openly date any transwomen, because masculinity is always held in so much high regard in society, which is also very sensitive.
  • If more men come forward and also openly start loving and also dating transwomen then it will surely change the opinion of the public in the way they view these transgenders as a community.
  • Transgender women also have their own sets of difficulty, so if men can accommodate their problem and get attracted to transgenders then these transgenders will also be treated with dignity.
  • Those transsexual women who like to have sex with those people who may not be too willing will be labeled a pervert.

Therefore, transgender people need to make changes in the way they live and try to offer men that their spouses are not able to offer.

Today, the attitude of people towards the transgender people is changing slowly. They are more optimistic about those men who may in the future prefer to choose transgender women as an escort.

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