Look and Feel Great Wearing Copper Earrings

Most people choose earrings for their aesthetic value, but did you know that specifically choosing copper earrings can have great benefits from your health apart from making you look great?

For many centuries now, copper has been used for its health benefits. Although there are no modern studies to support the theory, many people say that they are relieved of several symptoms when they wear copper and more than that, they feel great health in general. Ancient Egyptians used it to purify water as well as treat a variety of conditions. One of the modern uses of copper is to weave it into fabrics to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Copper earrings, bracelets and necklaces have been known to improve skin conditions, relieve sore throats as well as relieve the pain caused by arthritis. The copper can be worn plain or copper kattle magnetized modern copper jewelry is usually plain but that does not reduce the effects that it has on health.

There are many styles of copper earrings that you can choose from. The best way to stand out is to go for handmade ones they come unique in design and quality. Because copper can be fashioned into so many shapes, you will get all fashions of earrings. The most eye-catching are made from repeating patterns and there will be the occasional splash of color that will give more life to an already perfect pair of earrings.

Because copper is so versatile, it can be fashioned into different shapes over decades and each successive pattern will look better than the last one to give you perfect handmade copper earrings.

Copper, when exposed to the elements starts to get a warm, darker and earthier tone. This tone will usually compliment most colors. Sometimes, depending on what elements copper is exposed to, it gets a warm green-blue tint, perfect foe fashioning out outstanding jewelry. Here are some favorite styles

Chandelier copper earrings

These copper earrings are fashioned to look like a tiny chandelier, dropping down gently from your ears and getting broader at the shoulders. It’s the perfect way to draw attention to your hair if you want to let it down. If you want to define the shape of your face, tie your hair up and then wear your chandelier copper earrings.

Anticlastic copper earrings

Anticlastic basically means curved in opposite ways, and these handmade copper earrings are a perfect capture of the word. They are oval hoops that start rather slender where they meet your ear and then get thicker at the curve. If you are looking for a simple every day look, these are perfect. They are also great for drawing attention to your face if you have your hair in a bun or a ponytail.

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