How to Teach Your Dog to Sit Pretty

Knowing how to teach your dog to sit pretty is easy if you keep a few basic principles in mind. Canines are generally eager to please their owners. They are pack animals and look to you as their pack leader. In dog society the pack leader is to be pleased at all cost. Unless you’re planning a hostile takeover that is!

Planning a hostile take over in dogdom essentially means you no longer think your pack leader is as strong as you and you are going to challenge him for his position. Many people lose their ways with their pets. They either allow the dog to be the pack leader in the home, which can be disastrous for owner and dog, or they lose their pack leader status as a dog bought as a puppy become older and challenges their authority. Learning how to teach your dog to sit is an important step in keeping your authority.

It’s a pretty normal for dogs and teenagers to challenge the rules as they get older! Having raised both I think dogs are considerably easier to keep on the right path. Copper kettle Teenagers just aren’t motive by dog biscuits! I should do an article on how to teach your teenager to sit but I haven’t mastered that one yet! I’ve had better luck in mastering how to teach you dog to sit.

The easiest way to teach your pooch to sit is to get a treat he really likes. Make sure the dog is aware you have the treat in your hand. Stand in front of your pooch with the treat. Wait. Don’t say anything. He will probably jump around, whine, he may even turn flips!! That OK. At some point he will sit. The second he sits say “good puppy” or some other “que” word and immediately give the dog the treat by throwing it on the ground.

Throwing the treat on the ground serves the double purpose of preventing you from having to bend over and making the dog get up. Now that your pooch is up, get another treat or show him one you already have and do the same thing again. Just wait. Eventually the dog will sit. Say good puppy and give him the treat. This method of learning how to teach your dog to sit uses positive reinforcement.

When trying to understand how to teach your dog to sit, keep in mind your dog has a very short attention span. Short training periods throughout the day will work best. Your dog will also do better in the beginning if you pick a place with few distractions.

After your pooch is sitting consistently for the treat begin to add the words “sit” just as he sits followed by “good puppy” and the treat. In this way your dog begins to learn the verbal command sit. You will probably need a leash and collar when teaching your dog how to sit in areas with more distraction. It’s really simple to learn how to teach your dog to sit using these simple steps.

An alternative way to master how to teach your pet to sit involves using a leash and collar. You lure the dog up with the treat while gently pushing down on his hind quarters and pulling up with the leash. When the dog is in the sit position, you give him the treat. It’s very important to use only gentle pressure on the dog’s hindquarters as you can injure the dog with too much force.

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