Graphic Designer Needed? Choosing the Right One For the Job

As the internet has developed and grown over the years, so to has the now highly competitive Graphic Design industry. With 10’s of thousands of creative brains embracing the power of Illustrator and Photoshop to produce artworks, websites and all sorts of aesthetic delights it can be difficult to know where to turn when a graphic designer needed.

As you are about to see, choosing a designer that is right for your project is essential if you are to get the most effective results. Simply selecting someone based on their past jobs is a huge NO, NO and other factors need to be taken into consideration.

So, how do you determine if a particular graphic designer is right for you? The following are a few things you should look for in making your decision:

Ensure that the Graphic Designer understands the importance of unique work

Lets say you approach a designer and ask them to more or less duplicate another work they had done for someone else’s website, but you ask them to put your logo or brand on it. If the designer agrees to this then turn around and walk away immediately, this person is not a REAL designer and you may as well have Kwik Copy Printing doing your work. Everybody’s designs should be individual as they are all promoting something different. like here Even if the products are the same, each business should have their own identity to make themselves stand out. In the same way that no two businesses are identical, no two designs should match. Imagine if the design that you paid good money for was being reused by your designer for their next client (perhaps even your competition)? You would be furious wouldn’t you? Well it happens more than it should.
Do you respect their other works?

Sure, you need to be attracted to their designs and overall style but just because you don’t like all their work does not necessarily mean they are the wrong designer.

Have a look at their portfolio, listen to them discuss previous jobs and let them explain why they did this or why they did that. If they can offer you solid insights as to why they used a particular technique or did something in a particular way, then they might just know what they are talking about and be worth listening to.

Your Graphic Designer should probe with all the correct questions.

You should go to your designer for advice and to discuss both you’re ideas, not just to order them around with what you want. If they are professional and of a high quality then they should be asking you all the appropriate questions so as to get every piece of information that they require to do the job. As the client, you should also be asking questions to make sure that you are clear and that they can explain the reasons behind their design decisions. Solid and open communication between yourself and the graphic designer needed.

I like their Portfolio and they seem to know a lot about design but they aren’t listening to me

Although you need to listen to the designer’s thoughts, ideas and suggestions they also need to listen to yours. A designer needs to find a medium between their ideas and yours. Many designers are quite precious about their work and so sometimes have difficulty accepting the input of others. A designer should be able to take ideas the customer might have and transform and enhance them.

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