Every student wants to achieve success in their life. The path of achieving success is difficult but it is possible with the hard work and if done with dedication it can be achieved easily. There are different fields of study in which students can make their career and can settle their life. To get admission in good undergraduate and post graduate colleges, there are different competition exams which students need to clear them to get admission in the universities or colleges. The trend of studying overseas among the students is very high. Students want to study and settle abroad. There are various exams which can help them to get admission in the foreign colleges.

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a standardised exam which is required to be cleared to get admission in various graduate universities in US and Canada. The GRE exam is governed by Educational Testing Service. It analysis the candidate’s skills like: Verbal reasoning skills, Analytical Writing and Mathematical skills. It helps in analysis the potential skills of the student for the advanced study. It is a Computer-based exam. The total marks of the test are 340 and 3 hours and 45 minutes are allotted for the same. The GRE exam is one of the key factors on which the student is admitted into the university. The score of GRE exam is valid for the period of 5 years. Students can get GRE coaching in Delhifrom well -known institutes. The exam pattern of the exam is as follows:

  • Analytical Writing: This will be the first section of the exam. It consists of 2 tasks. One is to “Analyse an Issue”, the second is to “Analyse an Argument.” 30 minutes are allotted for each task. It is scored in the range of 0-6 with an increment of 0.5.
  • Verbal Reasoning: this section will check the reading, comprehensive and vocabulary of the candidate giving exam. This section will be further divided into two parts. Twenty questions will be there for each part. Students are required to make conclusions from the data provided, complete sentences etc. It assesses the student’s ability to understand the relationship of words with the other concepts. In order to score high scores in reading section, proper understanding of the meanings are necessary.
  • Quantitative reasoning: this section measures the candidate ability to analyze and interpretation the quantitative data given. To solve the problems relating to mathematics. Candidates are required to use their basics in mathematics like elementary concepts, arithmetic, algebra, geometry etc. This section will include twenty questions in two parts. Allotted time to solve questions is35 minutes per parts. The questions included in quantitative section will be of higher secondary level. There are many topics under this section. This section checks the basic level mathematical knowledge of the candidate.

GRE offers this general test in two formats i.e. computer format and paper format. GRE Caching in Delhiis known as the best coaching available for GRE examination. In order to clear this exam in one attempt, you can join the coaching in Delhi.

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