Chain Dog Collars Are Not For Small Dogs

For bigger dogs a regular collar might not be sufficient. Unless your dog is super obedient, chain dog collars are the best solution. You do not want to put one of these on small dogs since the collar itself may well outweigh your dog. Small dogs, although quite unruly and hyper, can easily be picked up to avoid any confrontations or accidents. A big dog, however, is somewhat difficult to scoop up into your arms.

For example, a German Shepard that is not properly trained will jump on everyone she sees. Known to be the most trainable breed, there are always exceptions. This, of course is due to the owner. Copper kettle A German Sheppard needs training and disciple. Chain dog collars are not enough. You have to be firm with them. They respect authority. German Sheppards are one of the most intelligent of all dog breeds.

But what if you have a Golden Retriever. The most lovable, obedient large breed imaginable. You would never want to put chain collars on one of those. They will walk nicely beside you and never dart out into traffic. A regular nylon collar is more than sufficient.

Chain dog collars are for large breed dogs that do not like to listen. The choking feature might seem cruel to some, but it is for dog’s own good. A little choking is much better than being run over by a car. Spoiled dogs are the worst for this. Everything is a game to them. They do not understand danger. They think it is fun to chase a speeding car.

Our pets are like children. The only difference is that children eventually grow up and move out, whereas a pet will die. She will never become independent and she certainly will not look after you in your old age. She will maintain the mentality of a child her whole life. But we love them anyway.

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