5 Best Android Tablet Games of 2011

Worth mentioning are the gaming apps offered by many Android developers, which make tablets your handy gaming consoles. The Android App Market has an extensive collection of games you can choose from but the top five best games of 2011 are as follows: 1. Angry Birds The most popular and downloadable game in the history of […]


Finance, Credit, Investments – Economical Categories

Scientific works in the theories of finances and credit, according to the specification of the research object, are characterized to be many-sided and many-leveled. The definition of totality of the economical relations formed in the process of formation, distribution and usage of finances, as money sources is widely spread. For example, in “the general theory […]


Government Jobs – Why People Want Them

For many people from the middle income group, there has been one perpetual dilemma – whether to join a private job or a government job. In the past few decades, there had been a race for private jobs as compared to government jobs. However, now people prefer working for the government. Here is why. Recession […]


Home Energy Saving Software and Online Calculators

In this environment-conscious society, very few things can frustrate an energy-saving individual than to find he is not contributing much to the effort. Not because he is not trying, but more because he cannot quantify his contribution. Beyond following the recommendations of experts and those knowledgeable in such mattes, the individual may not know what […]


Safely Escorting Prisoners, 6 Guidelines to Ensure Your Safety

1) Because some people who illegally carry a knife or bladed weapon often carry more than one hidden in different places on their body, any individual who has been restrained after being involved in a bladed weapon incident needs to be systematically and “carefully” searched. Be careful never to suffer a dangerous “needle stick” injury by […]